Maltese oranges 

Nothing beats the Maltese oranges in a salad


Today is the International women’s day. I celebrate it by being proud over the choices I make in life and the path I chose.  Trying new things and not to be afraid. Not saying no to opportunities. One of these opportunities have been Malta. Something I’m truly happy for everyday.

And of course one needs a suitable recipe for a day like this. I choose one true to the local food – a salad with Maltese oranges. The local food and all the farmers over Malta is one of the big benefits of living here. And by them the easy access to all delicious food. These Maltese blood oranges together with the roasted rosemary almonds is just perfect as it is or together with chicken or turkey.


  • Roasted rosemary almonds (see recipe on the blog under Nuts for Nuts)
  • Fresh spinach preferably organic
  • 1-2 organic blood oranges
  • 1 avocado
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt

How to:

1. Rinse the spinach thoroughly and make sure it’s not wet when placing it on the plate or bowl

2. Peel and slice the orange, put on top of the spinach together with the avocado slices

3. Finish with the almonds and drizzle some high quality Italian olive oil over the salad


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