EasyTasty was created by Maryne Daffini and Robin Prasad.  Neither of them like to cook, but they like to eat good food. 
Their vision is to create a 2-way platform to share ideas about how to cook easy recipes that taste great and are inexpensive.  You will learn a lot and will be able to upload your own ideas.
Maryne is from France.  Her perspective on eating in the USA as a European is very interesting.  In France, fast food is not as inexpensive as it is in the US.  As a result, people do not eat fast food as much, and as a result are healthier.  She believes that the low cost of fast food, and the high cost of eating healthy contributes to health problems.  
Robin is a physician and has seen firsthand the myriad of health problems that result from poor eating.  As a medical student and as a resident in NYC, he had nearly a decade of time where he had no time and no money…and as a result, ate poorly.  
The world is a complex place.  People are busy with jobs and kids.  Many struggle with having the money and time to cook and eat well.  Cooking becomes an extra task and people end up eating the same things all the time.  
We at EasyTasty hope to revolutionize your ability to cook.  We will give you many fast and easy ideas to allow you to eat well and save your time and money for the more important things in life.  
If you are wondering why we chose the name EasyTasty, it is because our food is Easy….and Tasty!